Reach for new horizons! High Flyers Bali

about us

Now everyone can enjoy some of the magic and mystique of the circus. High Flyers Bali offers a unique opportunity to experience the exhilaration of flying trapeze under tropical blue skies while visiting this island paradise. 

Flyers can sign up for a single class to feel the rush and learn a basic trick. But be warned it can become a passion so we also offer packages for multiple classes. With each class, a flyer achieves more tricks and develops more skills to include catches and somersaults. Classes are kept small so that each flyer can be given individual attention and have time to develop their skills.

High Flyers Bali Mission Statement

“I believe. I can fly.”
Our mission is to facilitate the development of new personal skills and greater self-confidence through a challenging and fun experience within a safe and controlled environment.